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 CSRED International

 Taboado style Balintawak has been a primary influence in the development of CSRED combatives.

CSRED have developed a simple but highly effective close quarter combat system, creating a training program that is fast, effective, simple and direct. It is suitable for any environment, situation or role. The system enhances natural responses, biomechanics and its effectiveness is not based around physical size or strength. Training can be carried out in situé or at a prearranged location, inside or outside, thereby maintaining a realistic training environment.  There is also little requirement for extra equipment. 

The focus of all training is on enhancing the “mind set” and response of the individual. In a very short space of time the individual will not only feel more confident in their ability but empowered by discovering what they are capable of achieving.

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CSRED International - close quarter training provider.

Damian Irving and Richard Cotterill set up CSRED International in 2010 to deliver specialized close quarter training for law enforcement and military units on an international basis.

CSRED International Combat Instructors

CSRED International Combat Instructor Damian Irving

Damian Irving


CSRED International Combat Instructor Richard Cotterill

  Richard Cotterill


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Introductory Course



 commando 999 

Course Objective

To FIGHT with the weapon thereby creating an understanding of how to defend against the weapon.

Course Content:

Part 1 (Baton)

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of impact weapons (baton/ stick) and angles of attack /defence
  • Chambering and loading for power utilizing cs-red body mechanics
  • Adoption of a natural stance and posture using triangulation principles and ground effect loading
  • Body quadrant theory
  • Referencing recognition points in shape/ threat change
  • Pre emptive striking
  • Training of body compression (pliable tension)

Part 2 (Blade)

  • Explanation of edged (knife) weapons and angles of attack / defence
  • Straight & Reverse Grip functions
  • Arm joint angular changes and usage
  • Open and close body position
  • Control points  CP1 thru CP3
  • Live hand training using the “feeler – finish” principle.
  • Restricted spatial training

CSRED International & Polish Army Mountain Unit

CSRED International - Polish Army


CSRED International - Polish Army


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If you are interested in facilitating close quarter training in your team or unit please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.